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Hairstyle and makeup are one of the most important details of the bride’s look. Your hair should emphasize the beauty of your face and match your wedding dress. First, choose the right hairstyle. Should your hair be combed or loose, in romantic curls or a strict knot? Take into account a wedding style, dress, shape of your face, length of your hair choosing a hairstyle.

If you need to color your hair, do it 10-15 days before the wedding. It is very important not to make any significant changes in the shape and color right before the wedding day. It is best to rehearse the hairstyle before, so that you are sure that it really suits you.

Choose hair decorations if you want some. But it is important not to overdo here. The hairstyle should be well fixed, so that it looks fine until the end of the wedding day. Make-up should be light, hiding flaws, making a face look newer. Do not make the face look heavy with too much make up, but you can extend eyelashes or change the eyebrows line. Make-up rehearsal is a great way to fully prepare for the wedding.

Remember – you are already beautiful! But the elements of your attire, wedding accessories, hairstyle and makeup will make your image completely perfect.

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