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Svetlana & Vladimir

The preparation of wedding for Svetlana and Vladimir was so easy and simply, that I want to hold such weddings every day. Probably, this is all thanks to the couple, who understood exactly what kind of wedding they want, what decor, what kind of venue… The ceremony took place in early May, which was quite rainy this year. However, at the wedding day weather was perfect – cloudy but no rain. 

The bride and groom chose a cozy hotel in Dobrota, near Kotor.

The “first view” of the couple took place on a beautiful pier next to the hotel, from where we had a beautiful view of the bay and the surrounding mountains.

The wedding took place on a site with a view of Kotor, mountains and the bay. The guys prepared very touching vows for each other, which they read during the ceremony. Then, of course, champagne and a short trip with a photographer to the most beautiful places in Montenegro. 

By the way, the drone shot was taken on another day, since on the wedding day it would be very difficult to have time to visit all the places that couple wanted.

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