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Olga & Abdullah

Olga and Abdullah got married at the end of September on a magical venue in a private villa Talici Hill Villas. Preparing and discussing the wedding process was very easy for us. This couple knew what they wanted but at the same time they trusted our experience.

The newlyweds spent the morning preparations separately in their rooms. Mom helped the groom to prepare a complete image. They laughed and hugged a lot.

Olga also met the morning with her family. They helped her with the dress, then opened the champagne and discussed the upcoming wedding day.

The first meeting between Olga and Abdullah took place in the garden. The photographer captured how worried the groom was and how happy he was to finally see his bride in a wedding dress.

The atmosphere before the wedding was lively. About 60 guests gathered to support and congratulate the newlyweds on their special day. We decorated the venue for the ceremony in a minimalistic way. The main emphasis was placed on the arch. The newlyweds wished a lot of greenery and white flowers. We fulfilled their desires 100%.

The ceremony began around noon. The father accompanied his daughter down the aisle and shook hands with the future son-in-law.

The young exchanged vows then rings and finally merged in a tender kiss.

To the accompaniment of music guests and relatives sincerely congratulated the newlyweds.

After sunset a party with a DJ began.

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