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Minna & TeeJ

In early September, we celebrated an amazing wedding of Minna and TeeJ. Our groom is from the UK city of Birmingham which is popular by the series “Peaky Blinders”, and the guys are big fans of everything that is connected with it, and also the style of the early 20th itself. That is why the newlyweds wanted to place special emphasis on the details and dress code of the guests.

Instead of a bouquet, the bride chose a beautiful floral crown made from natural flowers.

Most of the guests tried to reflect in their outfits the style that was popular in Birmingham at the beginning of the 20th century …

The ceremony took place on the terrace in front of a magnificent temple in the town of Prcanj.

After the ceremony, the guests congratulated the newlyweds and enjoyed a beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor and the magnificent architecture of the temple.

A boat brought the newlyweds and guests to the old town of Kotor, where we organized a festive dinner in a restaurant directly on the fortress wall. 

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