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Kelsie & Rolando

Incredibly sincere emotions gave us a couple Kelsie and Rolando from America. Their official wedding took place back in their homeland, but the guys wanted to capture the moments in beautiful Montenegro, so we held a symbolic ceremony for them.

The first meeting was held in an authentic hotel in the old town – Kotor. When the bride stepped onto the balcony to meet her fiancé’s gaze, everyone froze, she looked like a Greek goddess! The groom turned and it was clear that he was amazed at the beauty and stylish image of her. The image of Rolando also was very handsome. He made his luxurious costume himself, as he is engaged in tailoring in New York.

At the photo session, the newlyweds could not hide their love, it was clear how they dissolved into each other and kissed a lot.

Their symbolic ceremony took place on a spacious venue overlooking the bay and the city of Kotor. They exchanged vows and could not hold back their tears at the touching moment they experienced once again. Then the young hurried to a festive dinner, where they were only together.

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