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Evgeniy & Kristina

Wedding day of Evgeniy and Kristina was held in the fall, high above the sea on the territory of private villa. The place is settled in amazing surroundings of nature, far away from city crowd. From the venue, we had a gorgeous view of the sea and the whole Budva Riviera, and surrounding mountains. The wedding was held in the presence of closest family and friends who arrived from different countries around the world to meet here in this amazing place and for this beautiful event. 

All guests were accommodated in the villa, where they spent several wonderful days. The bride and groom were getting ready in their own apartments separately and were looking forward to the “very” first meeting. The groom met his beloved on one of the beautiful terraces of the villa.

After that, the couple had a short photo-video shooting in Milocher park. 

The wedding ceremony itself took place on a beautiful green terrace in front of the villa. The bride’s father took his beloved daughter to the altar and handed her over to the gentle hands of the groom. 

After the ceremony, all the guests went to the other terrace next to the pool, where we had a dinner party.

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