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Elena & Artem

It was the brightest wedding of season 2019! Lena and Artem flew to Montenegro almost a year before the event to choose the perfect place for their ceremony. On the first day, we visited wonderful Regent Hotel, which is located in the picturesque Porto Montenegro marina. It was love at first sight and the guys very quickly decided that, yes, this is the place for our perfect wedding! Then we began a long, but, thanks to a clear plan, easy preparation of every detail of the ceremony, which ultimately influenced the fact that this day was unforgettable. Take a look at photo and video to see how everything turned out …

The bride’s morning took place in a luxurious room at the Regent Hotel, where her best bridesmaids gathered to support her on the most exciting day of her life.

While the girls were dressing up, the groom’s friends were ready to have fun, and the groom was waiting for touching moment of the first view with his beloved and was getting ready to see her in a beautiful wedding dress.

The first view of the bride and groom took place in the romantic courtyard of the hotel – the Italian garden, under an olive tree, surrounded by many fountains. After that, we held a small photo session of bride and groom and began to prepare for the arrival of guests.

Guests were greeted in the Regent’s lobby and the picturesque Italian garden. They enjoyed the sounds of live music, the taste of champagne and the beautiful views. Soon, everyone will be in place and the most important part of the day, the wedding ceremony, can begin.

Everyone are ready and the ceremony will begin soon. Now, guests went to a specially prepared wedding area, which was located on the pier opposite the hotel. Guests enjoyed a wonderful view of the sea, palm trees, yachts and a very beautiful round arch made of fresh flowers. Soon our bride and groom came too. The ceremony was very funny and very touching at the same time.

After the solemn part, everyone had already relaxed, and we could start with numerous congratulations, cocktail party, dinner, and most importantly, dancing and fun, which continued until midnight. Watch a wonderful video clip from the wedding of Lena and Artem, which will take you into the atmosphere of this wonderful July day. We had a great team that day, that did a great job and each member made their own special contribution to the happiness and smile of the newlyweds!

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