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Christel & Vincent

A lovely couple Kristel and Vincent from the Netherlands enchanted us with their lightness and happiness. For the ceremony the couple chose a unique venue – Buddha Beach Bar in one of the richest areas of Montenegro – Porto Montenegro. The newlyweds were invited to the wedding a large number of guests. The groom wore all white and looked like a movie star. While his wife was preparing for the ceremony he lit in front of photo and video cameras.

In the Regent Hotel Kristel was busy all the morning getting ready. She is a professional figure-skater. The bride chose an A-shaped fitted dress with a long tail. It emphasized her beautiful body.

The welcome part was incredibly beautiful: guests in their best outfits, a white stage on the water, a podium, everything was shining in anticipation of the bride and the groom.

When everyone were there. Vincent came out first. He shined a lot and was greeted with a standing ovation. After some time Christel appeared  arm in arm with her father. All the guests stood up to greet them.

The groom thanked her father and the ceremony began. After the exchange of rings, the long-awaited moment finally happened and our beautiful couple merged into a long kiss. Then the newlyweds have got congratulations from the guests and took pictures.

While the guests had a cocktail, Christel and Vincent took a short walk around the closed club where they had fun and were happy to spend every moment in a new status.

Then they joined the guests and made a lot of cool shots for memory. The banquet part began after sunset. Parents gave touching words and the guests recalled interesting moments and wished a long and happy love.

After the cake part the pool party began.

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