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Bethany & Christian

Bethany and Christian – a young couple from the UK. They surprised our team with their simplicity in organisation on their wedding. Especially for decorating the venue for the celebration. The newlyweds take care of nature and the environment so they asked minimally decorate the place of the ceremony. So we used only natural materials and a minimum of flowers. The ceremony was held in a private villa around of relatives and friends.

The groom spent the pre-wedding morning near the pool enjoying the atmosphere and the rays of the gentle summer sun. The bride in the company of her bridesmaids met the morning on the terrace.

Bethany chose a white long dress with a train and neckline for the ceremony. Her wedding style resembled a Greek goddess.

The first meeting of the bride and groom took place on the steps in front of the villa. She went downstairs to  like a beautiful Cinderella. She had a smile on her face so we could see they were both very excited. After hugs and kisses, the newlyweds went to the park.

Not far from the villa our couple entered  Milocer Park to capture their love in a new status.

The dress code of the guests cannot be ignored as their style and range resembled an olive grove.  Greens and pastels set the tone for this wedding. On a large poster the guests left their wishes to the newlyweds.

The venue was very stylishly decorated. The atmosphere was complemented by natural greenery and bright sun.

The ceremony began with the entrance of the bridesmaids and then arm in arm with her father the radiant Bettany entered. The father handed over his daughter to the groom and the most touching part of the event began.

The guests hugged the newly-made husband and wife and took pictures.

After the ceremony, Bethany and Christian decided to make their contribution and planted a small olive tree on the grounds of the ceremony. The money they received as a gift from the guests they donated to a homeless animal shelter.

Then the guests started dancing and celebrating. It was very noisy and fun no one could sit at the tables. Everyone celebrated this wedding until the morning.

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