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Anna & Mitchell

The wedding of Anna and Mitchell took place, probably on one of the hottest days of the summer – August 14th.  The temperature in the sun during the day reached 40 degrees!  The newlyweds and guests were preparing for the event in a beautiful old hotel in the city of Perast. According to British tradition, the bride and groom did not see each other before the ceremony, but spent the morning with their close friends and relatives.

It was a lot of fun in the groom’s apartment.

As a place for the ceremony, the couple chose a wide terrace in front of the church, which offers a picturesque view of the bay and the surrounding mountains.  The peculiarity of this place is that it is impossible to drive up to it by car.  The only way is an old stone staircase. This creates certain difficulties for the organizers, because all props (decor, arch, tables, chairs, umbrellas, drinks, food, appliances, etc.) must be carried on hand.  But our large and friendly team coped with it.

After the ceremony, we took some photos at the place and then our couple went for a photo and video session to the famous island of the Virgin on the reef opposite the city of Perast. Meanwhile it was organized a cocktail for the guests at this time in the hotel.

Dinner and a fun party were held on the terrace of the Leon Coronato Hotel in Perast. The guests first enjoyed delicious dishes right on the seashore during a beautiful sunset, then were music and a very cool atmosphere in the evening. It was truly unforgettable, and we hope that the photos will be able to convey at least a small part of this holiday!

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