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Prcanj (Historical name is Perzagno) is a very small town opposite of Kotor. It has only 1200 residents. Extends along the coast with their stone houses, mostly build at 17th century and one seaside street.  In the center of the town, you will find a grand stairway to the one of the most beautiful and gorgeous Catholic churches in Montenegro, dedicated to the birth of Our Lady. It took 120 years to build (1789–1909) this impressive feat of architecture. Still it is mystery, why such a big and gorgeous church was builded in Prcanj, Very small and not too rich place. Who built this exquisite masterpiece is also largely unknown. Maybe, the Knights of Malta were involved; rumour has it that they hid their treasure at the Bay of Kotor before the invasion of Napoleon. The other mystery that lies within the enigmatic drawings on the stone walls on the outside of the church. They fill the entire perimeter; some parts are even highlighted with paint. Maybe they are also linked to the same Knights?

However, due to its luxurious Baroque architecture, magnificent staircase and a beautiful view of the sea, it is a popular tourist destination, as well as a beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies. Here you can have a catholic church wedding, also as a official/symbolic ceremony. Church is very big inside (up to 150 persons) and in front there is a huge terrace with amazing views. On some old photos, you can see amazing palm trees in front, but unfortunately, they was cutted due to the illness. To come up to the church you need to walk up by around 90 stairs. It is not possible to come by car directly to the church.

Approximate distance from the cities is:

  • 6 km from Kotor (15 min of drive), or 5 km by sea (15 min of slow drive by boat)
  • 15 km from Tivat (20 min of drive) or 11 km by sea (30 min of slow drive by boat)
  • 20 km from Perast (25 min of drive) or 5 km by sea (15 min of slow drive by boat)
  • 30 km from Budva (35 min of drive)
  • 25 km from Herceg Novi (50 min of drive – by ferryboat).
  • 65 km from Bar (1 h 15 min of drive),

In high season (Jun, July & August) driving time can be longer because of traffic jam. Ideal places for photo & video shooting near this location: Old town Kotor, Porto Montenegro, Old road to Lovcen with bay viewpoint.

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