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Perast is surely one of the most beautiful old towns on Adriatic coast. This small town is situated between Kotor from one side and Risan from other. Its narrow streets and renaissance and baroque palaces testify about the former richness of the inhabitants. Now, Perast is one of the “Top 5 must see” places in Montenegro. In Perast lives around 300 people, but there is many tourists visiting town during all year. Especially in spring and summer, there are an all day excursion with tourists from whole Montenegro and even from neighboring countries. Entrance in the town with cars is allowed only for people who live there and for some delivery services. There are two big parking places from two sides of the town and you can order small electric vehicle for transfer from parking to the hotel. Whole town has 1.3 km length and only 100 m width. Just in front of the town, there are two small islands with churches. One is Natural Island called St. Georg or “the island of dead captains” (according to a legend one French soldier, by shooting from cannon towards Perast, has hit a house of his beloved girl and killed her. That legend was a motive for the masterpiece “The Island of the Dead” by the Switzerland painter Beklin.) , and second is a famous man-made island with an ancient church “Our Lady of the rock” – “Gospa od Škrpjela”.


According to a legend, fisherman from Perast, after a shipwreck near the island, have found a icon of the Holy Mother of God with the Christ on a sea rock, so as the customs say they vowed to build a church on the island. They have built the church in 1630. As the island had to be maintained, the seaman continued to bring the stones, so that tradition is alive even today. The custom from the old times was recently renewed. Today it is called Fasinada from Perast and it is held at the end of the day on 22 July. In this island is possible to have only a church (Roman Catholic) wedding. The church inside can fit up to 60-70 persons. There is a possibility to hold a wedding ceremony on a few languages. Also you can order a live organ music during the ceremony. Please note that island is open during the whole year and can NOT be closed during the ceremony. During the ceremony, you and your guests will be alone in the church, but tourist will be on island around the church and in the museum. On the island there are toilets available for use and small shop where you can buy water. Please note, that wedding photo session on island is forbidden in case you not getting married on island. Arrival on the island is possible with small boat and with big one but it need to be announced and approved by priest. 

Approximate distance from the cities is:

  • 15 km from Kotor (50 min of slowly drive by boat),
  • 7 km from Tivat (30 min of slowly drive by boat),
  • 500 m from Perast (10 min slowly drive by boat),
  • 17 km from Herceg Novi (1h 15 min slowly drive by boat).

Ideal places for photo & video shooting near this location are: Perast old town, Risan old town.


Flat green terrace with gorgeous view in front old Orthodox Church is one of the most popular wedding venue in Perast. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin was built in 18th century. Terrace is hidden behind high stone fence.  Access to the church is possible only by stairs (app 80 m from the seaside road, and app 70 m from the upper road). Here you can hold Orthodox Church wedding and official/symbolic ceremony. There is electricity connection on the site. On some old photos you can see a few palm trees in front of the church, but unfortunately they are not existing any more (due to illness they were cut). As terrace is located behind high fence and door are closed, you will have a complete privacy on this location during the ceremony, in the church, or in front of it. Terraces has natural grass cover.

Approximate distance from the cities is:

  • 15 km from Kotor (15-20 min of drive)
  • 25 km from Tivat (40 min of drive),
  • 40 km from Budva (1h of drive),
  • 30 km from Herceg Novi (40 min drive).
  • 75 km from Bar (1h 30 min drive),

In high season (Jun, July & August) driving time can be longer from some places because of traffic jam.

Ideal places for photo & video shooting near this location are: Perast old town, Risan old town.

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