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Olive grove

When you close your eyes and think about Mediterranean, one of the main association are a sea, sun & olive trees. For thousands of years, humans have taken an interest in olive due to their admiration for the olive plant related to its longevity as well as its therapeutic fruit and oil. Olive has been one of the most important sources of income for many civilizations throughout the history in the East Mediterranean. The olive branch is the symbol of peace and olive tree represents the desire for eternal life, whereas small olive leaves have come to represent the end of flood in the beak of a dove. Throughout the history, the olive has been a symbol of friendship and source of wealth for the people living in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. The cultivation of olives in history dates back to 8000 years ago. It is one of the first trees, which was cultivated before the invention of writing.

Montenegro is a country of olives. Back at the history, law forbade a man to marry, if he had not planted at least 100 olive trees. As a result, plenty of groves of this sacred plant are scattered throughout the Montenegrin coast. Couples used to get married and reconciled under the olive trees. These traditions are alive to this day.

We offer you holding a wedding ceremony in a small, yet cozy olive grove, where olive trees with more than a two thousand-year history grow. It is located next to the small village, on a 200 m above the sea level. There is no a road access directly to the site. From the small parking, there is a path up to grow, approximately 150 m (app 30m level deference). This is one open space venue in natural surroundings, with no water or electricity connection. No toilets around. Site is divided on two terraces. Higher, is with an olive tree old more than two thousand years. It is ideal for intimate wedding ceremony up to 25-30 guests. 

Approximate distance from the cities is:

  • 5 km from Budva (10 min of drive),
  • 30 km from Kotor & Tivat (40 min of drive)
  • 40 km from Perast (1 h of drive)
  • 60 km from Herceg Novi (1 h 30 min of drive).
  • 40 km from Bar (50 min of drive),

In high season (Jun, July & August) driving time can be longer because of traffic jam. Ideal places for photo & video shooting near this location: Park Milocer, Budva Old Town.

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