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Tracy & Nick

The beautiful wedding of a couple from America, Tracy and Nick , took place at the end of June and could not help but attract attention. The guys prepared the concept of their friends’ look in advance. The main style was as in American movies. The bridesmaids were dressed in soft pink dresses, and all the men in black strict tuxedos. Visually, seems like cinematic on pictures. 

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were congratulated by their friends and let go for a photo shoot.

After newlyweds return to the Hotel Conte, witch is situated in the beautiful city’s of Perast. It was modern music played, and the guests were already starting to have fun.

After a short rest, each of the friends made a toast to the newlyweds and invited the bride and groom to dance their first wedding dance.

The evening ended with the throwing of the bouquet, the cutting of the wedding cake and the  cherish hugs.

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