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Kyle & Cassidy

Kyle and Cassidy come to Montenegro to get married in secret from family and friends. Only two of them and their endless and sincere love. This wedding becomes an unexpected surprise for the parents of the newlyweds when, a few months later, they returned to distant Australia and showed them photos and videos. I can imagine the surprise on their faces! The ceremony was in the middle of August, above the Bay of Kotor with a beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

Our bride is a real needlewoman. On her wedding dress, she hand-embroidered an amazing design, which looks very beautiful and original. She spent several weeks on this, but you can agree, it was worth it! 

The ceremony took place on a popular site above the Kotor, with a beautiful view of the bay. The wedding ceremony was very tender and touching. Laughter and tears, excitement and peace at the same time.

After the ceremony we had a short photo session in the venue, and also had a small cake and champagne. 

After that, we go shortly up to the hills to make some beautiful shots with a view of Kotor Old town and the Bay of Kotor.

We finished shooting in the town of Prcanj, where we met the sunset.

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