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Tomas & Tatiana

Charming couple Thomas and Tatiana flew in to get married in Montenegro from Australia. Tatyana’s predecessors are from Montenegro and the guys know a lot about this small but beautiful country. So they decided to get married in Tatyana’s homeland.

The ceremony was planned to be for June 9th. But according to the forecast, a storm was promised that day, so the DSA team recommended to postpone the date a few days later. So now they can enjoy colorful and sunny photos from their wedding! The symbolic ceremony took place on the venue near the Church of St. Sava, above the panorama of the island of St. Stephen.

The lovers were a little nervous , but did not take their eyes off each other. Tatiana laughed and joked a lot, and Thomas admired his wife the whole process.

When the lovers said the words of the oath and exchanged rings, the groom opened the champagne and our team congratulated them on the new page in their lives and wished them strong and long love. Then guys took a couple of panoramic photos for memory.

After the ceremony, our lovely couple went to Milocer Park, where they continued the photo shoot.  Their sweet groom-and-bride look was diluted with sunglasses, adding extravagance like newlyweds from the movie.

When the photo shoot was coming to an end, they relaxed and swam in the sea on one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro.

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