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Ljubica & Ruslan

The wedding of Ruslan and Ljubica was an incredible celebration of love and elegance that was not only memorable for them but also for all the guests for years to come. We, are proud to have turned their dreams into reality, creating an atmosphere of magic and romance.

The day began with the bride and groom’s preparations, where anticipation and excitement filled the air. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Ruslan and Ljubica readied themselves for the momentous occasion ahead. 

The ceremony took place on the picturesque old town of Perast at the main square, surrounded by the ancient and historical buildings which was the perfect backdrop for their exchange of vows, filled with tenderness and devotion. Colorful flowers inspired by the nature of Montenegro were used to decorate the event, adding a special charm and coziness to the wedding. Soft fabrics, candles, and glowing lanterns created an atmosphere of effortless luxury.

The reception that followed the ceremony was full of joy and merriment. Guests enjoyed exquisite local cuisine and a variety of drinks under the starry sky. The musical accompaniment kept guests on the dance floor until midnight, creating a unique mood and energy. Ruslan and Ljubica’s wedding was not only an event in their lives but also an embodiment of their love and individuality. We are grateful to them for their trust and the opportunity to bring their dreams to life, making this day unforgettable for all who attended.

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