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Jovana & Matthew

At the height of the season in Montenegro, we had a romantic wedding in a secluded place, at the Forza Terra Hotel. The main stars of this fairy tale were Jovana the bride from Serbia and her fiancé Matthew from America.

In the morning, the groom gathered his large team of friends and they spent time near the pool, they were drinking drinks and singing songs. The bride at this time, spent time with her bridesmaids on a large terrace overlooking the Boka Bay.

It was decided to hold a welcome part for guests, as well as a ceremony and dinner for 60 guests on the terrace at the Forza Terra hotel. It has all as needed for such events. The guests were met by a quartet with live music. While waiting for the ceremony, the guests were served refreshing drinks and they whiled away the time, talking and taking pictures.

Some time later, the ceremony began. The bride in a white tight-fitting dress, with a lush tail, came out arm in arm with her father, towards the groom. They exchanged touching vows, and the rings were brought to them by their little dog. The newlyweds laughed and kissed a lot.

After the official, but so romantic part, the guests moved to the terrace near the pool and enjoyed a buffet table and drinks to the accompaniment of the piano. While the bride and groom left for a beautiful photo shoot. 

We were faced with the challenge of converting the venue from the official part to dinner. Literally within one hour, our large team very quickly completely transformed the venue: they set up tables and chairs, made all the decor and table setting, the musicians took their seats and conducted a sound check . The goal was difficult, but we managed 100 percent.

When everything was ready, the guests returned to the venue and the newlyweds enchantingly sailed on the boat from the photo shoot.

During dinner, relatives and friends were speaking a lot of warm words to the newlyweds, were dancing pop-rock and were enjoying Serbian trumpeters, which the bride’s guests were looking forward to. At the end of the evening, a large four-story cake decorated with flowers was brought out.

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