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Doyinsola & Michael

This summer we performed one of the largest and most beautiful weddings of this year. The main characters of this event were the charming Michael and his stunning bride Doyinsola.

DSA Weddings have been working for 1.5 years to please all the wishes of the bride. Each flower, turn of lighting, arrangement of chairs, all organizational issues were discussing in details and changed several times until the clients were satisfied with the decision. And now we can proudly present our beautiful masterpiece.

The bride gave preference to the place of the ceremony to the largest and most beautiful temple of the Bay of Kotor in the city of Prcanj. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Gothic style of this place could not leave indifferent either her and guests. Moreover a fluffy white dress with a long tail looked harmoniously when the bride was walking down the altar to the groom. More than 150 guests from 23 different countries attended the gala event.

The newlyweds got married and exchanged vows, and then arranged for the guests a cruise with a cocktail in the Bay of Kotor.

The most difficult part of our work about this wedding day was the installation on the huge venue at the Buddha beach bar in Porto Montenegro: numerous designs that are assembled by hand, thousands of flower buds, hundreds of candles, a mirror stage on the water, fabric decorations, light and sound equipment…. We could not find many decorative elements in Montenegro, so we had to order them from abroad or make them manually. When the day of the wedding came, a big team of 50 people were working on the installation, who, under our strict guidance, have been transforming  the venue for almost 10 hours and prepared it for the arrival of guests!  The bride was speechless. She was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and scale of our work. All the guests were also delighted and had their phones ready from the very entrance to take pictures of every detail.

Especially, their attention was attracted by the guys from the Montenegrin folk ensemble in national costumes, they met guests with a glass of homemade Montenegrin brandy.

After the gala dinner, the toasts of the closest ones, the bridesmaids and the groom’s friends danced incendiary, and turned on all the guests. And after the magic dance of our newlyweds, all the guests were already on the dance floor and danced until the morning!

 We give a piece of ourselves to every wedding project, but we gave our whole heart to the wedding of Michael and Doyinsola.

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