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Allison & Çağrı

Allison and Çağrı’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. They exchanged vows in a quaint seaside church nestled on a picturesque island.

As they emerged from the church, newlyweds, they were greeted by the gentle lapping of waves against the shore and the warm embrace of their loved ones. A vintage wooden boat awaited them ready to sail them across the tranquil waters for their enchanting photo session.

After their photo session, they returned to the charming city, where the cobblestone streets echoed with the sounds of celebration. Hand in hand, they strolled through the vibrant alleys, stopping to steal kisses and share whispered promises of forever.

As evening descended, they gathered with their closest friends and family for an intimate dinner under the starlit sky. The table was adorned with flickering candles and fragrant blooms, setting the scene for an evening filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt toasts.

Surrounded by the ones they held dear, Allison and Çağrı danced beneath the twinkling lights, their hearts overflowing with joy and gratitude for the journey that brought them together. And as the night drew to a close, they knew that their love would continue to blossom for all the days of their lives.

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