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We receive many testimonial letters from our couples. They entrusted DSA Weddings with preparation of their perfect wedding day and did not regret it. Here are some of them:




Dear colleagues, We’d like to live a feedback about our experience working with you. At the beginning when we started to work with Alina honestly we were expecting more proactiveness which wasn’t the case always, we thought that may be our wedding is just for 20 people and budget isn’t the largest or may be because there were a hot season for your people at some point we had no proper attention to our questions and e-mails where we ended reminding and double asking. It wasn’t a good experience, we even thought to change the agency at last minute as it felt like we make this deal at our own risk completely. However when wedding was picked up by Dayana after we confirmed all and signed the agreement it became much easier to work as she is such a positive and professional on handling the event, proactive and nice person, here we were very thankful to her helping us in arranging all before the wedding. The event itself was a very good experience,the organisation was good with no remarks, everything was done as promised besides the bottle of jam for the guests- it was too little as we found it.The ceremony was organized perfectly for us being a couple from different countries.
We will recommend you if there will someone who’d like to make a wedding in Montenegro. Thank you Jens&Victoria



Dyana at DSA Weddings was amazing at helping us organise our wedding in Perast, Montenegro. She sorted all the legal paperwork out, both before and after the wedding which is something we couldn’t do. She helped out at the ceremony and was always friendly and helpful, we would highly recommend them. Thank you again, Rachel and Rob, England



I approached choosing a contractor for planning our wedding abroad very carefully, because I am an analyst by profession and I tend to make choices after a thorough analysis of all available information. With such approach, I quickly chose DSA and never regretted this! The girls quickly and efficiently solved all issues – from choosing a venue to scenery and transfer of guests. My husband and me could only enjoy. Moreover, the prices for all these services were the lowest in Montenegro and the service was excellent! Alina, Diana, thank you a lot! I always dreamed of my wedding to be the most memorable thing in my life and so it was.

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Thank you, DSA weddings, for planning and organizing our symbolic wedding ceremony on 10.09.2018. Communicating with Alina was easy from the very beginning: she promptly provided us with clear and full information. Thank you, Diana and our photographer Andria. It was a pleasure to meet you. We wish the DSA weddings success and prosperity!

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Planning a wedding abroad is quite nervous, when you are in Moscow, but thanks to the DSA Weddings team the result was beyond our expectations. We discussed everything in advance with our wedding planners Alina and Diana (she was our witness) on What’s App, including even the smallest details: the design and color of the arch, the bridal bouquet, the general style of the wedding, etc. In reality, everything was exactly as in the pictures, that they showed us before the ceremony.
I enjoyed time with the insanely positive stylist Christina, who we solved all issues regarding the hairstyle and makeup at the rehearsal (we never regretted taking this extra service), and then she made the total look even better for the ceremony! August 18, 2018 was really the happiest and most emotional day of our lives! The landscapes of Montenegro with high mountains, a crystal clear sea, a beautiful terrace in front of Church of Saint Sava offering a panoramic view of Saint Stephen Island and the whole Budva Riviera were an excellent scenery for such event.
Our photographer was Andria (our second witness), whose crazy energy kept us smiling and having real fun. As a result, the wedding photos were as colorful and vivid as paintings. We should also mention our cameraman – Dmitry Ulyanov. H is a true professional. He was shooting with two cameras at once, recording the sound with two lavalier microphones and got amazing footage for a beautiful 2-minute video with good sound in just an hour of shooting without changing the location (the editing was in Moscow, as it was cheaper this way; our video editor appreciated the footage quality).
The only drawback for us was a representative of the municipality, who (dressed in everything black!) was expressing strange dissatisfaction and dislike. But these are little things that are not worth the attention. Once again, many thanks to Alina, Diana, Christina, Andria, Dmitry and our positive interpreter (unfortunately, we do not know her name)!!!



We really liked how our wedding was planned. We recommend this agency to everyone who wants to have their wedding in this beautiful country – Montenegro. DSA Wedding, thank you! You made our life easier in such emotional time)) We have no idea how we could do without you. Thank you a lot! We wish you prosperity, tons of orders and well-being!))



We would like to thank Alina for her detailed consultation and planning our official ceremony in the beautiful country of Montenegro, Diana for holding and organizing the event and filling out all the documents, she is an incredible, positive person. Huge thanks to the Matichar and interpreter who held our ceremony, we were really pleased to get personal congratulations from them after the official part. Everything was amazing, we are very glad for choosing your country and your wedding agency. We were really worried that something could go wrong, because we ordered only the Lite package. The ceremony, venue and all the rest were organized on our own.
Our photographer was Andria and we were not happy with the result, it was not what we had asked for and had been agreed beforehand. The work of the stylist was also not as we wanted, while she is the best in the city. These two factors were really disappointing and they are the most important. We recommend future newlyweds, if you are demanding to the upcoming event, do everything yourself, check everything in advance, because you will not have time for this on your wedding day.



Huge thanks to Alina and Diane for organizing our little modest 10th anniversary!!! It was fabulous, awesome!!! I keep saying that for the first time in my life the reality was far beyond my expectations!!! The ceremony was magical and incredibly harmonious… Everything went smoothly, with no pauses or delays… It was like a movie))) I am still recalling our celebration with a sinking heart! Thank you!!!!!

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It was not just a wedding, but a real fairy tale, both for us and all our guests and parents! A real magic, that started long before the ceremony, lasted for a whole day and remains forever with us! In our minds, we are still in Montenegro! We are eternally grateful to Diane, Alina, Natalia, Dmitry, Evgeny and the entire DSA Weddings team for their kind attitude, being in touch, organizing the whole ceremony and taking over all practical wedding issues! I thought that everything would be 100 percent cool, but it turned out to be even 1000! I do not have enough words to express all our emotions, impressions of our guests and relatives! Everything was perfect! You more than organize weddings, you make dreams come true!

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Thanks a lot to the dsa-weddings team, in particular Diane and Alina for amazing organization of our wedding, everything was strictly according to the technical assignment, exactly as I wanted! I hope that every bride can say this about her wedding. I highly recommend this company and I will definitely recommend it to my friends. We are very happy with everything and our friends keep thanking us for being invited to such a cool wedding 🙂

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I would really like to thank the whole team of DSA-weddings for planning our amazing wedding. We will remember this day forever and every detail created by you will be in our memories. Thank you very much Alina for sensitivity in answering our +100500 questions and explaining every organizational detail. When we were discussing the details on What’s App, I could not even imagine such a fabulous design of the site and restaurant. The guys who installed and decorated the site and the restaurant, as well as the registrar – thank you all a lot! I feel like guys were making paper ships and putting pebbles into the bottles all night before the day X, so that everything was beautiful). Every bride wants to feel calm and just enjoy everything on the wedding day and I “bow to the ground” to Diane for that. She was always with us and managed every minute of our wedding day, encouraged us with kind words and gave good advice. Diane, your hearty approach to the organization of weddings makes everything incredible. As for videographer Dmitry and photographer Eugeny, I don’t even know how to thank them. I am simply amazed with the fountain of their ideas and reserves of humor and charisma, our day went by in one breath with them. And of course, my bride morning would not be so good and smiling without a perfect makeup from Natalia, 2 hours of hair and makeup flew in a moment at a friendly chatting. So, guys, we are so grateful to you that we even have tears when recalling everything. Sincerest wishes from our guests to your wonderful team, you left no one indifferent! We wish you prosperity and that every wedding was a fairy tale for each couple.

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I would like to warmly thank Diane and the whole team for organizing and conducting the wedding of my daughter Marina. Everything was like in a fairy tale: with magic, hearty emotions and very kind atmosphere. Everyone was delighted, both young and old. I enjoyed absolutely everything. Impressions are unbelievable!!! Very beautiful design of the site and the whole celebration. Special thank you for decorating the table in the restaurant! Everything was organized clearly and professionally. ⠀
Guys, thanks to you there are such wonderful days in our life. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!



Guys, huge thanks to all your team for the emotions, the atmosphere you created for us, the way you treated the whole process. Alina and Diane, thank you so much for your support in all issues and cool ideas (they were in touch around the clock, literally, they responded quickly, we created a group in Viber, where we shared our suggestions on the organization), thank you, Natasha for the amazing wedding look, Zhenya – for awesome photos and good mood. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. A wedding is a big celebration and guys from the DSA will make it the happiest moment of your life!

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Thanks a lot for organizing the most wonderful day in my life! Everything was as we wanted! Thank you for your support and good advice during the wedding planning and the ceremony itself! You are truly professionals and just wonderful people! Everything was thought out to the last detail! We really enjoyed working with you! We wish you success and prosperity!

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If you dream about the wedding in Montenegro, than you have to stop here your search! 5th of September 2017 we had an official wedding ceremony. All organization was handled by DSA agency and they did everything excellent. I would like to thanks all DSA team, who did everything to make our day exactly as we wanted! All small details was considered before the wedding date. Every person in the team: manager, wedding coordinator, driver, stylist, photographer – are the professionals. Whit all of them was very easy to communicate and we felt that we are in safe hands. Wedding was just for two of us, and company provided us two witnesses. Especially thanks for that. Thank you DSA! You helped us to realized our dream about wedding on the sea.

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Hello, future newlyweds! This IS the place for your DREAM WEDDING.
I want to share the experience of our wedding in Montenegro … My husband was organizing an event first, he found a website of the wedding organization in Montenegro and contacted Alina, they discussed the details, we were fine with everything and asked them to organize a wedding for us. When all financial issues were solved, I was in charge of the preparation.) The organizing girls created a group chat in Viber (very convenient and mobile !!!) and were always in touch!

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On July 18, 2017 we celebrated our wedding on the shore of Kotor Bay in Montenegro. This was an important step for both of us and my childhood dream as well – a beach wedding in the European style. I am so glad that I chose DSA Weddings for that!!!!
The guys not only did everything as we planned, but were also friendly and caring during the entire preparation for the wedding. They gave us a warm welcome, helped to solve not only wedding, but also travel issues. Even though it was only me and my husband at the wedding, it felt like we were among family and friends. All the staff, including a driver, were very caring, friendly, creating a festive mood!
And now about the main thing! They picked a venue we wanted, with a very beautiful view of the bay! We had a great team. Thanks to our manager Alina, our wedding guru Diana did everything for us and even more. Andria is a talented photographer, we really enjoyed our photoshoot, he could set free not only me, but my husband as well! His has made excellent and very beautiful photos.
Thank you, Natalia, my makeup artist! She did everything as I wanted: hairstyle and makeup were great! She is a real professional! Many thanks to our driver – a funny sweety! :)) and of course our Captain Alexander with his wife – for an unforgettable 2 hour trip on a yacht, with stories about Montenegro, its islands, home-made tasty wine and treats! Everyone was very friendly! In general, the celebration was great! I am more than satisfied with our wedding! I am very glad that everything was as we planned, including my bridal look and everything else! Thank you guys!!! You are cool:)))

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Our wedding was on August 16, 2016. I want to express my thanks to the photographer (unfortunately I do not remember his name). The photos are great, like works of art. We really liked your professionalism and talent. We wish all the best and prosperity.

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We started searching for a wedding venue more than 18 month ahead. Finally, we decided that Montenegro was best in price and even more romantic than other countries where Russian usually marry. There are plenty of companies offering wedding services in Montenegro, but we chose DSA for many reasons. While were discussing everything, they answered every single question, even though there were plenty of them, because we wanted not only an official wedding ceremony, but also to spend our vacation there (from 18.06.2015 to 9.07.2015). They helped us with everything: select apartments, a wedding venue, rent a car and even in issues when didn’t have to. The apartments turned out to be exactly as in the photos, the DNS reaction to our every wish was very fast.
DSA rented us a car that we asked – VW Golf 2008 2.0 gasoline with mechanics. When we came to pick the car up, it turned to be under repair, but we were offered diesel AT Passat instead at the same price. We were a little skeptical at first, but after riding in the mountains, we were more than happy. It felt like driving in a cradle while visited soo many staff in a week! So, guys, we wish you all the best! A hearty thank you for the wedding celebration and the holiday, that took place thanks to you.



It’s been two months after our wedding in Montenegro and I want to thank DSA (and specifically Sergey) for its organization! Everything was great! Managers seemed a little sluggish in the preparation at first, but acted brilliant on the spot. We will recommend you to friends.



I and my husband want to thank the whole DSA team for organizing our wedding! You guys are amazing, everything was exactly as we planned: the ceremony, flower decorations, stand-up meal and cars – everything was perfect! I want to say special thank you to Vika – it was her that we initially discussed the ceremony with, she was always understanding, in touch, I changed an arch, a bouquet, the buffet table a few times, but Vika did everything as I asked. Big thanks to Sergey – a wonderful person, he visited us at the hotel several times to specify all details before the ceremony and consider all our wishes.
I want to thank Natalia, make-up artist, as well! I felt like a princess at the wedding. Thank you, photographer Andria, you are a magician, 5 hours of shooting passed quickly.
The guys also helped us to book the hotel exactly that I wanted, they also arranged tickets from Moscow to our witnesses. They met us all at the airport, without delay, drivers were very friendly and answered all our questions.)) So, I can say with confidence that if we plan another event in Montenegro, we will turn to DSA only! We wish you conquer more horizons, as so many countries in the world need such professionals! )) Well done! Thank you!!!!

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We chose DSA to organize such an important event in our life as our wedding. We trusted this company because of a few positive reviews of the previous couples. And we fully agree with them! Our small celebration was in the town of Perast in April 2015. Feedback from Anton Klimov, who was our assistant throughout the preparation, was always fast. It turned out that organizational details can be easily solved even at a distance, if there is complete and exhaustive information. If you know exactly what you want from your wedding day, it can be organized only a few weeks. Communication through e-mail and skype was nice and pleasant, everything was solved and adjusted. Meeting at the airport, back transfer, assistance in choosing a restaurant on the spot are all nice additions to the main thing. We felt like everyone was interested in making everything smooth. And it did! Thank you all: Anton, Sergey, Dmitriy from us! For your hard efforts and work! Good luck!!!



We are sincerely grateful to DSA and personally Anton Klimov for organizing our wedding ceremony in Perast in September this year. From the first request for information, our communication was pleasant and efficient; all our questions were fully and quickly answered. The ceremony justified our expectations by 100%! The wedding venue decoration, driver’s services, photographers – everything was at the highest level. We also want to thank Anton Klimov for changing the date of the ceremony due to rainy weather. We wish DSA agency cloudless days and the same happy customers as us! 🙂

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Thank you so much for organizing our romantic wedding ceremony! Special thanks to Anton Klimov, who was attentive to all our wishes. Everything was as I wanted. We wish much success to the whole DSA company!

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Huge thanks to DSA-Weddings, Klimov Anton and everyone who took part in the preparation and organizing the ceremony of our silver wedding anniversary. Thank you for your kind words to us. The only worry was because of the hairdresser was late (but I still liked the hairdo, thank you, Natalia), despite half an hour delay because of this, the organizers were waiting for us and were very friendly. Everything was beautiful and unforgettable.

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We want to thank DSA-Weddings and Anton Klimov in particular for organizing our wedding on 11.08.2014. Anton patiently answered all our emails with plenty of questions and gave us full detailed answers. Thank you for the amazingly beautiful venue and that everything went smoothly. We wish you a success!

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Big thanks to DSA Weddings, especially Anton and Victoria, for organizing our wedding ceremony on the yacht and helping with tickets.



Our vacation was in July (2013), it was two in one to be exact – a symbolic wedding and then a honeymoon. Accommodation, tickets and everything else was organized by us, the wedding itself was organized by DSA Weddings. What I want to say about organization – we liked everything a lot, the day was like a fairy tale. The guys were very positive and friendly, we especially liked the photographer Andrew, even though both we and him were pretty tired by the evening, he still cheered us up and joked) I think that a big drawback is that the violation of the agreed deadline regarding photos and video. The video CD had to be ready in a week while we were on vacation, but we got a link to it only we arrived home, but this happens and it was just a little late. Before the wedding, they said that photos will be ready in 2 weeks, after the wedding the deadline was extended to a month. A month passed, now they tell me that they allegedly said it was 3 months deadline…. I don’t like this at all, as I was expecting one term, waited, and then a huge failure…



Sergey and Natalia and our wonderful parents. We had a vacation in Montenegro in September 2011. It was not just a vacation, we celebrated our wedding in this wonderful warm country. We wanted amazing impressions, an adventure to remember. We were choosing from among several countries. Our final choice was Montenegro, because, firstly, we had not been there yet, secondly, the country is not far to fly, and last, it is visa-free! Everything seemed difficult at first, but it was until the moment I found this amazing team of young, positive and creative people. There were not many reviews of DSA then, but they were exceptionally good. Communication with the guys was easy and pleasant. Before we found DSA, we already negotiated with a few other companies, but unfortunately I can not say anything pleasant about these companies as it felt like extorting money. The guys at DSA treated us warm and with an individual approach. Our wedding was amazing in many ways thanks to the efforts of this friendly team! We were satisfied with everything, but there were also our parents with us and this means another age group! And even though I am quite busy now, I have not even made a wedding album yet, I have registered on this site to say thank you from all of us. I am ready to advertise and sing odes to DSA, as they really deserve it! Thank you!