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Frequently Asked Questions

How to book a wedding in Montenegro?

It is very simple! Click Book on the Booking page, fill in a short booking form and send it to us. You can also contact a manager of DSA Weddings in any method offered on the contact page.

After choosing a venue and date of the wedding, discussing all details of the ceremony, we will create an best offer according to your preferences. Then, a formal contract for the provision of wedding services is signed and a client makes an advance payment of 30% of the total cost of services. Then, a client receives an official confirmation of booking the wedding services.

The contract and the advance payment guarantee the booking! The rest amount can be paid to the company representative on the spot upon arrival, in any convenient method, but no later than two days before the date of the ceremony.

Who will organize my wedding?

With DSA Weddings, you trust the team of professionals! An experienced booking manager will carefully listen to all your wishes, ask clarifying questions and create an individual and most profitable offer for you. When booking is completed, you will be in the hands of our wedding planner, who will personally plan your wedding, down to the smallest detail, from now until the end of the ceremony. The wedding planner will also guide the rest specialists (photographers, operators, make-up artists, cooks, florists, etc.).

A friendly team of DSA Weddings will do everything to make your wedding truly wonderful and unforgettable!

What is the cost of your services?

Wedding packages include the agency commission. The agency commission at ordering individual wedding services is 10%  (with the exception of banquet) but no less than 350 euros. The limit of 350 euros does not apply to ordering additional services, if you already use one of our wedding packages.

I heard that there are illegal wedding agencies in Montenegro. What are the guarantees that you do not deceive us?

There are indeed illegal companies and private agents in Montenegro that can give a guarantee only in words.

Turning to us, you can rest assure! DSA Weddings has 11 years of experience and a lot of positive feedback. We provide wedding services, as well as all types of tourist services under license No. UP I 106-205 /3, issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro. DSA Weddings cares about its reputation and every customer. Therefore, there can be no fraud on our part. You will get a package of wedding services in full accordance with the contract after booking.

The total cost of services is agreed at the negotiation stage, stipulated in the contract and can not be changed. There are no “hidden” payments.

Your positive feedback is the best reward for us!

Can I somehow adjust the cost of the wedding ceremony according to my limited budget?

Of course! Our wedding packages can be adjusted to your budget. You can opt-out (or add) one or more services, thereby changing the package cost as you want.

We will try to offer the best price for you taking into account your individual preferences and wedding services. The exact price can be announced only after a detailed analysis of your application by the DSA Weddings manager.

What certificate is issued after the official marriage in Montenegro and is it recognized in my country?

After the official ceremony, we will obtain the Montenegrin Marriage Certificate for you, then we will translate and authenticate it at the Embassy of your country or in court (apostile) within 7-10 days. The original Certificate together with its certified copy and an ambassadorial transfer/apostile can be submitted to the registry office at your place of residence.

What is the language of the wedding ceremony?

The official marriage registration ceremony is in the Montenegrin language. In case of registration of foreign citizens, the law of the Republic of Montenegro requires presence of a professional interpreter (usually a sworn translator) who speaks the language native to the bride and groom.

The interpreter services are included in the DSA Weddings main wedding package, so you can be assured of a high-quality translation from the Montenegrin language throughout the official ceremony.

A symbolic wedding ceremony is held in English,Russian or Montenegrin.

Church wedding with an Orthodox or Catholic ceremony is usually conducted in the Montenegrin language.

Must there be witnesses at the official ceremony?

Yes. If you don’t have relatives or friends with you to be witnesses, we can arrange the presence of two people to comply with all formalities for a small additional fee for you.

What season is best to marry in Montenegro?

We recommend choosing the spring (April, May) and autumn (September, October) months for weddings in Montenegro. From June to August, the wedding ceremony can be combined with relaxing by the sea, however, you must consider such factors as a lot of tourists and hot weather when planning.

Can I change the wedding date after booking and signing the contract?

In most cases, the wedding date can be changed. However, in some cases, the date can be changed subject to payment of a fine, which amount will depend on the specific situation and the contract price.

Can I order additional services after booking a wedding?

Yes. You can order any additional services from our manager. The additional order will be stipulated in the appendix to the wedding service agreement.

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